number_pagination flutter test

Implementing Flutter Number Pagination using a Popular Web Approach.

This package is very simple. Without depending on other packages.

Its usage is also simple and easy.

See document


  • Function(int) onNumberChange (required)
  • int pageTotal (required)
  • int pageInit (default 1)
  • int threshold (default 10)
  • Color colorPrimary (default black)
  • Color colorSub (default white)
  • Widget? controlButton
  • Widget iconToFirst
  • Widget iconPrevious
  • Widget iconNext
  • Widget iconToLast
  • double fontSize (default 15)
  • String? fontFamily
  • double buttonElevation (default 5)
  • double buttonRadius (default 10)
  • double buttonSpacing (default 4)
  • double groupSpacing (default 10)


The number increments in the versions (+numbers) are updates unrelated to functionality (mostly related to or documents).