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Missing number input controller for flutter apps


  • formats as-you-type text fields as numbers (decimals, currency or integers)
  • extracts num value from the input
  • an example with final controller = NumberEditingTextController.currency(currencyName: 'JPY'); controller

iPhone 14

Getting started

  • install the library
flutter pub add number_editing_controller


Working example can be found in /example directory

  • first you should define your controller

integer input

final controller = NumberEditingTextController.integer();

decimal input

final controller = NumberEditingTextController.decimal();

currency amount input

final controller = NumberEditingTextController.currency();
  • optionally you can provide locale to use locale-based formatting

  • for currency() there's also currencyName and currencySymbol parameters available

  • you can set allowNegative to false to allow only unsigned input

  • set this controller as the controller for the target TextField

  • now the TextField would filter out all non-integer symbols

  • you can extract the value with controller.number