A library to convert decimal numbers into or from another number system

Initialize a number converter

You can create a number converter with a custom alphabet:

NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter('0123456789ABCDEF'); //Uppercased hexadecimal

You can also use some predefined number systems:

NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter.system(NumberSystem.binary); /// Base 2
NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter.system(NumberSystem.octal); /// Base 8
NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter.system(NumberSystem.hexadesimal); /// Base 16
NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter.system(NumberSystem.base36); /// Base 36
NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter.system(NumberSystem.base56); /// Base 58
NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter.system(NumberSystem.base62); /// Base 62
NumberConverter converter = NumberConverter.system(NumberSystem.base64); /// Base 64

Encode a decimal number to another number system:

String encoded = converter.encode(12345);

If the encoded string should have a minimum length:

String encoded = converter.encode(12345, minLength: 5);

Decode a number:

int decoded = converter.decode('ENCODED');

Run tests:

dart test test/number_converter_test.dart