Package Full Template

Package Full Template this open source project is free


📚ī¸ Docs

  1. Documentation
  2. Youtube
  3. Telegram Support Group
  4. Contact Developer (check social media or readme profile github)

🔖ī¸ Features

  1. x 📱ī¸ Cross Platform support (Device, Edge Severless functions)
  2. x 📜ī¸ Standarization Style Code
  3. x ⌨ī¸ Cli (Terminal for help you use this library or create project)
  4. x đŸ”Ĩī¸ Api (If you developer bot / userbot you can use this library without interact cli just add library and use 🚀ī¸)
  5. 🧩ī¸ Customizable Extension (if you want add extension so you can more speed up on development)
  6. ✨ī¸ Pretty Information (user friendly for newbie)

❔ī¸ Fun Fact

This library 100% use on every my create project (App, Server, Bot, Userbot)

📈ī¸ Proggres

  • 2024-04-20 Starting Release Stable With core Features
  • 2024-04-19 Starting create simple library Package Full Template
  • 2024-04-18 Think to standarization server so i can create project easy, and not only project i can add feature to my ai so my ai can create server and test direct without use rest-api, talk, searching internet or use any api

đŸ“Ĩī¸ Install Library

  1. Dart
dart pub add nsfw_dart
  1. Flutter
flutter pub add nsfw_flutter

đŸ’ģī¸ Install Cli

  • from pub
  • from github

🚀ī¸ Quick Start

Example Quickstart script minimal for insight you or make you use this library because very simple




if you want deploy server rest api on Severless functions Like (Supabase, Cloud Flare, Deno Deploy, Vercel, Netlify)


if you want deploy on device or server or vps, or flutter app try this script