ns_utils - Flutter Utility Library

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ns_utils is a powerful Flutter utility library that simplifies and enhances your Flutter app development experience. It provides a collection of methods and extensions to streamline your code, making it more readable and efficient. Whether you need responsive design, date and time handling, map operations, string manipulation, or widget customization, ns_utils has got you covered.

Getting Started

  1. Open your project's pubspec.yaml file.
  2. Add ns_utils as a dependency and replace [version] with the latest version:
    sdk: flutter
  ns_utils: ^[version]
  1. Run flutter pub get to fetch the package.

Import the Package

import 'package:ns_utils/src.dart';

What's Inside

ns_utils offers a wide range of features to simplify your Flutter development process:



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BuildContext Extensions

Simplify your code by using these extensions:

  • Replace lengthy Navigator.of(context).push(...) with context.push(...).
  • More intuitive methods like context.replace(...), context.makeFirst(...), and context.pop(...) are available.
  • Easily access device dimensions with context.mq.sizeX.width and context.mq.sizeX.height.
  • Simplify focus management with context.setFocus(focusNode: focusNode).

DateTime Extensions

Enhance date and time handling with extensions like:

  • dayDifference: Get the difference in days between a date and the current date.
  • toServerFormat(): Get an ISO-8601 formatted date string.
  • isToday, isYesterday, isTomorrow: Check if a date is today, yesterday, or tomorrow.
  • tomorrow() and yesterday(): Get the next day or previous day.

Map Extensions

Streamline operations on Map objects:

  • Use methods like getBool('key'), getInt('key'), getDouble('key'), getString('key'), getList('key'), and getMap('key') to retrieve values with optional default values.
  • Convert a Map to a JSON string using toJson().
  • Beautify Map output with toPretty().

List Extensions

Manipulate lists easily with toJson(), which converts a list to a JSON string.

String Extensions

Simplify string operations:

  • toMap(): Parse a JSON string into a Map.
  • toList(): Parse a JSON string into a List.
  • isEmptyOrNull: Check if a string is null or empty.
  • isNotBlank: Check if a string is not null, not empty, and not just whitespace.
  • toINT and toDOUBLE: Parse a string as an int or double.
  • asBool: Convert a string into a boolean.

double/int Extensions

Enhance numeric operations with extensions like:

  • asBool: Convert an integer into a boolean.
  • Fractional operations: tenth, fourth, third, half, doubled, tripled.

Widget Extensions & Spacers

Customize widgets with ease:

  • Add tooltips and gestures to widgets without complex nesting.
  • Utilize widgets like Container and SizedBox with simplified notation.
  • Expect even more widget enhancements in future updates.


You can contribute to ns_utils in various ways:

  • Propose new features or enhancements.
  • Report bugs.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Participate in discussions and help with decision-making.
  • Improve documentation.
  • Send pull requests with your contributions.

A big thank you to all our contributors!