Flutter Firebase Utilities

🚀 This package provides a comprehensive set of methods and extensions for Firebase, simplifying its integration into your Flutter projects while also adding valuable functionality.

Getting Started

  1. Open your pubspec.yaml file.
  2. Add ns_firebase_utils as a dependency, replacing [version] with the latest release:
    sdk: flutter
  ns_firebase_utils: ^[version]
  1. Run flutter pub get or click the "Packages get" button in your IDE.

Importing the Package

import 'package:ns_firebase_utils/src.dart';

What's Included

This package offers a single plugin that conveniently adds all necessary Firebase dependencies to your project:

  cloud_firestore: ^4.9.2
  cloud_functions: ^4.4.1
  fake_cloud_firestore: ^2.4.1+1
  firebase_analytics: ^10.5.0
  firebase_auth: ^4.10.0
  firebase_core: ^2.16.0
  firebase_crashlytics: ^3.3.6
  firebase_dynamic_links: ^5.3.6
  firebase_messaging: ^14.6.8
  firebase_remote_config: ^4.2.6
  firebase_storage: ^11.2.7

Additionally, it provides a powerful set of methods to accelerate your development process.

Thanks To All The Contributors

How to Contribute

There are several ways to contribute to this project:

  • Propose new features or enhancements.
  • Report bugs you encounter.
  • Contribute fixes for existing bugs.
  • Engage in discussions and help make important decisions.
  • Enhance and maintain documentation, as it plays a critical role in project success.
  • Submit a Pull Request to contribute your code changes. 😊