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A Flutter plugin to create nRF DFU packages with signing for DFU updates on nRF51 and nRF52 devices. This plugin also can generate key for signing DFU packages and c code that is used on the device for verification.

PLEASE READ THIS before continuing or posting a new issue:

  • This plugin is not sponsor or maintained by Nordic Semiconductor. The authors are developers who wanted to make it easier to create dfu packets for nrf devices.

Getting started

To get started with nrfutil add the package to your pubspec.yaml file.


The nRF devices have different softdevices, be sure to select the correct softdevice from the enum list sofDeviceReqType. If a key file is not provided a default key will be used. DO NOT US THIS KEY IN YOUR FINAL PACKAGE.

A DFU package is able to consist of standalone firmware options e.g.(application, sofdevice, or bootloader) or combined options e.g.(application+softdevice+bootloader, application+sofdevice, or softdevice+bootloader). It is not able to make a application+bootloader.

Generate a nRF DFU package

Generates an archived package as a Uint8List.

Generate in yaml

In you pubspec.yaml or nrfutil.yaml add:

  debug: true
  comment: "test comment"
  softdevice_type: "s132NRF52d611"
  export_path: "assets"
  hardware_version: 0xFFFFFFFF
    generate: false
    private_key: "assets/key.pem"
    public_key: "assets/pbkey.pem"
    version: 0xFFFFFFFF
    path: "assets/firmwares/foo.hex"
    version: 0xFFFFFFFF
    path: "assets/firmwares/bar.hex"
    version: 0xFFFFFFFF
    path: "assets/firmwares/s132_nrf52_mini.hex"

Then run the following code.

dart run nrfutil --verbose

Generate in terminal

To do this in terminal only run:

dart run nrfutil --verbose --application assets/firmwares/bar.hex --app_version 0xFFFFFFFF --debug

Generate in your flutter package

Generates an archived package as a Uint8List.

Uint8List package =  await NRFUTIL(
    applicationFirmware: applicationFirmware,
    softDeviceFirmware: softDeviceFirmware,
    hardwareVersion: hwVersion,
    applicationVersion: appVersion,
    keyFile: keyFile,
    sofDeviceReqType: sdReq

Generate a Private and Public key

Generates an archived package as a Uint8List.

Key generation is able to provide a private key in pem form, but the public key is able to be in either pem or code e.g.(c) form.

Uint8List package =  await Signing.generateKey();


Find the example for this API here.


Contributions are welcome. In case of any problems look at existing issues, if you cannot find anything related to your problem then open an issue. Create an issue before opening a pull request for non trivial fixes. In case of trivial fixes open a pull request directly.

Additional Information

This plugin is only for creating the zip file for DFU, it does not have bluetooth in this library. If you also need to upload the created files use packages like flutter_blue and nordic_dfu. Zigbee is not supported.