A minimalist DateTime library for validating, parsing, manipulating and formatting times.


This will add a like this to you packages pubspec.yaml file:

  now: latest

Or you can install it from the command line:

dart pub add now


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Getting Started

Create a DateTime

/// Create a new DateTime from local time zone.
final current = now(); // Same as
final utc = now.utc(); // Same as

Format a DateTime

final pattern = 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS';
final formated = now().format(pattern); // Same as

print(formated); // 2021-08-01 12:00:00.000

Convert a DateTime

Obtained a UTC safely originally from a different time zone.

final utc = date.isUtc ? date : date.toUtc();

Now you can convert it to a UTC time zone.

final utc = date.utc; // Same as date.isUtc ? date : date.toUtc();

DateTime addition and subtraction

final date = now();

/// Add 1 day.
final tomorrow = date +; // Same as date.add(Duration(days: 1));

/// Subtract 1 day.
final yesterday = date -; // Same as date.subtract(Duration(days: 1));

DateTime comparison

  • Compare DateTime with DateTime less than or equal.

    final date1 = now();
    final date2 = date1 +;
    print(date1 <= date2); // true
    print(date1.isBeforeOrEqual(date2)); // true
  • Compare DateTime with DateTime greater than or equal.

    final date1 = now();
    final date2 = date1 +;
    print(date2 >= date1); // true
    print(date2.isAfterOrEqual(date1)); // true
  • Compare DateTime with DateTime less than.

    final date1 = now();
    final date2 = date1 +;
    print(date1 < date2); // true
    print(date1.isBefore(date2)); // true
  • Compare DateTime with DateTime greater than.

    final date1 = now();
    final date2 = date1 +;
    print(date2 > date1); // true
    print(date2.isAfter(date1)); // true

Duration extensions

Weeks in the duration

final Duration duration = Duration(days: 7);

print(duration.inWeeks); // 1

Convert a int to a Duration

Unit Same as Description Example
microseconds Duration(microseconds: <int>) Microseconds in the duration 1.microsecond
milliseconds Duration(milliseconds: <int>) Milliseconds in the duration 1.millisecond
seconds Duration(seconds: <int>) Seconds in the duration 1.second
minutes Duration(minutes: <int>) Minutes in the duration 1.minute
hours Duration(hours: <int>) Hours in the duration 1.hour
days Duration(days: <int>) Days in the duration
weeks Duration(days: <int> * 7) Weeks in the duration 1.week

Format specifiers

By default we register all the built-in formatters.

specifier Description Example
A AM/PM Upper case now().format('A') -> AM
a am/pm Lower case now().format('a') -> am
D Day of month, 1-31 now().format('D') -> 1
DD Day of month, 01-31 now().format('DD') -> 01
d Day of week, 1-7 now().format('d') -> 1
dd Day of week min name now().format('dd') -> Mo
ddd Day of week short name now().format('ddd') -> Mon
dddd Day of week full name now().format('dddd') -> Monday
H Hour, 0-23 now().format('H') -> 0
HH Hour, 00-23 now().format('HH') -> 00
h Hour, 1-12 now().format('h') -> 1
hh Hour, 01-12 now().format('hh') -> 01
SSS Milliseconds, 000-999 now().format('SSS') -> 000
m Minute, 0-59 now().format('m') -> 0
mm Minute, 00-59 now().format('mm') -> 00
M Month, 1-12 now().format('M') -> 1
MM Month, 01-12 now().format('MM') -> 01
MMM Month abbreviated name now().format('MMM') -> Jan
MMMM Month full name now().format('MMMM') -> January
Q Quarter, 1-4 now().format('Q') -> 1
s Second, 0-59 now().format('s') -> 0
ss Second, 00-59 now().format('ss') -> 00
YY Year, 00-99 now().format('YY') -> 21
YYYY Year, 0000-9999 now().format('YYYY') -> 2023
Z Timezone now().format('Z') -> +01:00
ZZ Timezone now().format('ZZ') -> +0100

Escape specifiers

Occasionally, single-character specifiers exist for formatters. Our formatting mode hopes that this string will not be processed by the formatter, but will output the characters we defined as it is.

  • \ Prefix, a character after the \ symbol ensures output as is.

    now().format('HH:mm A ss'); // 00:00 AM 00
    // This is not what we expect, since the second s needs to be output as-is.
    now().format(r'HH:mm A s\s'); // 00:00 AM 0s
    // Or
    now().format('HH:mm A s\\s'); // 00:00 AM 0s

DateTime formatter

Sometimes the built-in formatter cannot meet all your needs, you can register a DateTime formatter via now.register:

final DateTimeFormatter formatter = ...


You may already have a DateTime formatter, but its specifier is not what you expect:

final DateTimeFormatter formatter = ...

now.registerWith('Custom specifier', formatter);

Custom formatter

If you wish to customize the DateTime formatter, you need to implement the DateTimeFormatter interface imported from package:now/formatter.dart:

import 'package:now/formatter.dart';

class MyFormatter implements DateTimeFormatter {
  const MyFormatter();

  /// Matched the [specifier] and return the [DateTime] format result.
  String format(DateTime dateTime) {
    // TODO: format the [dateTime] and return the result.
    return 'My format result';

  String get specifier => 'My specifier';

Then we register and use it:

import 'package:now/now.dart';

main() {
  now.register(const MyFormatter());

  print(now().format('YYYY - My specifier')); // Output: 2023 - My format result

Function-based formatter

If you don't want to implement the DateTimeFormatter interface, you can also use the function-based formatter:

import 'package:now/now.dart';

main() {
  now.registerWithFn('My specifier', (dateTime) {
    return 'My format result';

  print(now().format('YYYY - My specifier')); // Output: 2023 - My format result


We provide a helper method for Stopwatch that can be directly created and started:

final stopwatch = now.stopwatch(); // Same as Stopwatch()..start()

Destroy formatters

Method Description Example
now.destroy() Destroys a registered with a test function. now.destroy((f) => f.specifier == 'A')
now.destroyAll() Destroys all registered formatters. now.destroyAll()
now.destroyWith() Destroys a registered formatter. now.destroyWith('A')
now.destroyDefault() Destroys all built-in formatters. now.destroyDefault()


We welcome contributions! Please read our contributing guide to learn about our development process, how to propose bugfixes and improvements, and how to build and test your changes to Prisma.

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A minimalist DateTime extension for validating, parsing, manipulating and formatting times.
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