remove method

  1. @override
bool remove(
  1. Object? E

Removes the first occurrence of value from this list.

Returns true if value was in the list, false otherwise. The list must be growable.

final parts = <String>['head', 'shoulders', 'knees', 'toes'];
final retVal = parts.remove('head'); // true
print(parts); // [shoulders, knees, toes]

The method has no effect if value was not in the list.

final parts = <String>['shoulders', 'knees', 'toes'];
// Note: 'head' has already been removed.
final retVal = parts.remove('head'); // false
print(parts); // [shoulders, knees, toes]


bool remove(Object? E) {
  // Stop listening to child
  if (_propagateNotification &&
      E != null &&
      E is ChangeNotifier &&
      _values.contains(E)) E.removeListener(_propagate);

  bool result = _values.remove(E);
  if (result) notifyListeners();

  return result;