Nordigen Flutter Library

This is Flutter client library for Nordigen.

For a full list of endpoints and arguments, see the docs.

Before starting to use API you will need to create a new secret and get your SECRET_ID and SECRET_KEY from the Nordigen's Open Banking Portal.


Install library via dart:

dart pub add nordigen_api_client

Install library via flutter:

flutter pub add nordigen_api_client


To use the library, import the package

import 'package:nordigen_api_client/nordigen_api_client.dart';
// Get secretId and secretKey from portal and pass them to NordigenClient
final String secretId  = "YOUR_SECRET_ID";
final String secretKey = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY";
final NordigenClient nordigenClient = NordigenClient(secretId: secretId, secretKey: secretKey);
// Generate new access token. Token is valid for 24 hours
// Token is automatically injected into every response
Future<dynamic> createAccessToken() async {
    final token = await nordigenClient.createAccessToken();
    return token;
// Get access token
final accessToken = await nordigenClient.getAccessToken();
// Get refresh token
final refreshToken = await nordigenClient.getRefreshToken();
// Get list of institutions by country. Country should be in ISO 3166 standard.
final institutions = nordigenClient.institution.getInstitutionsByCountry("LV");
// Institution id can be gathered from getInstitutions response.
// Example Revolut ID
final institutionId = "REVOLUT_REVOGB21";
final redirectUri = "";
// Initialize new bank connection session
final session = await client.initSession(institutionIdentifier: institutionId, redirect: redirectUri);
// Get link to authorize in the bank
// Authorize with your bank via this link, to gain access to account data
final link = session["link"];
// requisition id is needed to get accountId in the next step
final requisitionId = session["requisition_id"];

After successful authorization with a bank you can fetch your data (details, balances, transactions)

Fetching account metadata, balances, details and transactions

// Get account id after completed authorization with a bank
final requisitionData = await client.requisition.getRequisition(requisitionId);
// Get account id from the array of accounts
final accountId = requisitionData["accounts"][0];
// Instantiate account object
final account = client.account(accountId);
// Fetch account metadata
final metadata = await account.getAccountMetaData();
// Fetch account balances
final balances = await account.getAccountBalances();
// Fetch account details
final details = await account.getAccountDetails();
// Fetch account transactions
final transactions = await account.getAccountTransactions();
// Optional. You can filter transactions by specific date range
final transactions = await account.getAccountTransactions(dateFrom: "2021-12-01", dateTo: "2022-01-30");


For any inquiries please contact support at or create an issue in the repository.