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Write applications in Dart, run in NodeJS.

Looking for latest updates? Make sure to check the most recent 1.0.0-dev.* release!

What is this?

This library provides JavaScript bindings and some utilities to work with core Node APIs and built-in modules.

To compile Dart applications as Node modules see build_node_compilers package.

For a more Dart-like experience with Node I/O system see node_io package which is designed as a drop-in replacement for dart:io.

For a Dart-style HTTP client checkout node_http.


Here is an example Node app written in Dart:

import 'package:node_interop/node.dart';

void main() {
  print("Hello world, I'm currently in ${process.cwd()}.");

This application can be compiled with build_node_compilers and executed in Node.

For more examples using different APIs see example/ folder.


For each built-in Node module there is a separate Dart file in the lib/ folder. So to access Node's os module, for instance, you'd need to use following import:

import 'package:node_interop/os.dart';

Note that after importing a module like above there is no need to also require it (the Node way). Each library file (like os.dart) exposes library-level property of the same name which gives you access to that module's functionality. This is just a convenience to not have to import and require modules at the same time. Here is how os.dart implements it:

// file:lib/os.dart
library node_interop.os;

import 'package:js/js.dart';

import 'node.dart';

OS get os => require('os');

abstract class OS {
  external List<CPU> cpus();
  // ...

Not all built-in Node modules need to be required, like buffer module for instance. They still have a dedicated Dart file in this library, but this is mostly for consistency and you shouldn't need to import it directly. The buffer module is globally available in Node.

Libraries with underscores in their name (like child_process) expose library-level property with underscores converted to camelCase to be compliant with Dart code style rules:

import 'package:node_interop/child_process.dart';

void main() {
  childProcess.execSync('ls -la');

Note on creating native Node.js objects

Most of the objects in Node.js are not global therefore they are declared as @anonymous in this library. Unfortunately this prevents us from instantiating new instances by simply using new Something().

As a workaround for this problem each module provides a createX() library function. For instance, stream module provides createReadable and createWritable for creating custom Readable and Writable streams:

import 'dart:js_util'; // provides callConstructor()

/// The "stream" module's object as returned from [require] call.
StreamModule get stream => _stream ??= require('stream');
StreamModule _stream;

abstract class StreamModule {
  /// Reference to constructor function of [Writable].
  dynamic get Writable;

  /// Reference to constructor function of [Readable].
  dynamic get Readable;

/// Creates custom [Writable] stream with provided [options].
/// This is the same as `callConstructor(stream.Writable, [options]);`.
Writable createWritable(WritableOptions options) {
  return callConstructor(stream.Writable, [options]);


Version 1.0.0 is considered stable though not feature complete. It is recommended to check 1.0.0-dev.* versions for latest updates and bug fixes.

Make sure to checkout after every release, all notable changes and upgrade instructions will be described there.

If you found a bug, please don't hesitate to create an issue in the issue tracker.

Below is a list of built-in Node.js modules this library already provides bindings for:

  • x buffer
  • x child_process
  • cluster
  • x console
  • x dns
  • domain
  • x events
  • x fs
  • x http
  • x https
  • x module
  • x net
  • x os
  • x path
  • x process
  • x querystring
  • readline
  • x stream
  • string_decoder
  • x timers
  • x tls
  • tty
  • dgram
  • url
  • util
  • v8
  • vm
  • zlib

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Node.js "buffer" module bindings.
Node.js "child_process" module bindings.
Node.js "console" module bindings.
Node.js "dns" module bindings.
Node.js "events" module bindings.
Node.js "fs" module bindings.
Node.js "http" module bindings.
Node.js "https" module bindings.
Bindings for global JavaScript objects not specific to Node.js.
Node.js "module" module bindings.
Node.js "net" module.
Node.js globals bindings.
Node interop library.
Node.js "os" module bindings.
Node "path" module bindings.
Node.js "process" module bindings.
Node.js "querystring" module bindings.
Node.js "stream" module bindings.
Testing utilities for Dart applications with node_interop.
Node.js "timers" module bindings.
Node.js "tls" module bindings.
Node.js "process" module bindings.
Utility functions for Dart <> JS interoperability.
Node.js "worker_threads" module bindings.