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A Flutter package to build awesome intro slides for your apps.


This is somehow what you can expect from this package :)

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Add the following to pubspec.yaml:

  nice_intro: ^0.2.1

Usage Example

First, import the following files

import 'package:nice_intro/intro_screen.dart';
import 'package:nice_intro/intro_screens.dart';

Then, create a list of screens each one with the IntroSreen class:

List<IntroScreen> pages =  [
          title: 'Search',
          imageAsset: 'assets/img/1.png',
          description: 'Quickly find all your messages',
          headerBgColor: Colors.white,
          title: 'Focused Inbox',
          headerBgColor: Colors.white,
          imageAsset: 'assets/img/2.png',
          description: "We've put your most important, actionable emails here",
          title: 'Social',
          headerBgColor: Colors.white,
          imageAsset: 'assets/img/3.png',
          description: "Keep talking with your mates",

You'll come up with a list of nice slides screens.

Finally, pass the pages to an instance of IntroScreens class:

IntroScreens introScreens = IntroScreens(
      footerBgColor: TinyColor(,
      activeDotColor: Colors.white,
      footerRadius: 18.0,
      indicatorType: IndicatorType.CIRCLE,

    return Scaffold(
      body: introScreens,

And pass it to your scaffold widget.


IntroScreen widget's properties

titleStringrequiredSet the title of your slide screen
descriptionStringrequiredSet the description of your slide screen
headerStringContainer()Set the widget to use as the header part of your screen
imageAssetStringnullSet the image path of your slide screen
textStyleTextStylenullSet the style of the title and description of your slide
headerBgColorColorColors.whiteSet the background color of the slide
headerPaddingEdgeInsetsEdgeInsets.all(12)Set the padding of the header part of your slide screen
containerBgColorColors.whiteSet the wrapper container's background color

IntroScreens widget's properties

slidesList<IntroScreen>requiredlist of your slides
onDoneFunctionrequiredSet the action to do when the last slide is reached
onSkipFunctionrequiredSet the action to do when the user skips the slides
footerRadiusdouble12.0Set the radius of the footer part of your slides
footerBgColorColorColor(0xff51adf6)Set the background color of the footer part of your slides
footerGradientsList<Color>Set the list of colors for the gradient of the footer part of your slides
footerPaddingEdgeInsetsEdgeInsets.all(24)Set the padding of the footer part of your slides
indicatorTypeIndicatorTypeIndicatorType.CIRCLESet the type of indicator for your slides
activeDotColorColorColors.whiteSet the color of the active indicator color
inactiveDotColorColornullSet the color of an inactive indicator color
skipTextString"Skip"Set the text of the skip widget
nextWidgetWidgetSet the widget to use for next interaction of your slides
doneWidgetWidgetSet the widget to display when the last slide is reached
viewPortFractiondouble1.0Set the viewport fraction of your slides
textColorColorColors.whiteSet the text color of the footer part of your slides
physicsScrollPhysicsBouncingScrollPhysicsSet the physics for the page view

IndicatorType enum properties

  • IndicatorType.CIRCLE
  • IndicatorType.LINE
  • IndicatorType.DIAMOND

Now enjoy!

Refer to example folder and the source code for more information.