Nhost Dart SDK

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Nhost authentication and file storage API clients for Dart and Flutter.

Includes support for:

  • User sign in and registration, including multi-factor authentication
  • Email and password changes, either directly or via email confirmation
  • Storage and retrieval of arbitrary files
  • Scaling and transformation of stored files
  • GraphQL authentication, via nhost_graphql_adapter


import 'package:nhost_sdk/nhost_sdk.dart';

void main() async {
  final nhost = NhostClient(baseUrl: 'https://backend-5e69d1d7.nhost.app');

  // User registration
  await nhost.auth.register(email: 'new-user@gmail.com', password: 'xxxxx');

  // Upload a file
  final currentUser = nhost.auth.currentUser;
  await nhost.storage.uploadBytes(
    filePath: '/users/${currentUser.id}/image.jpg',
    bytes: [/* ... */],
    contentType: 'image/jpeg',

  // Log out
  await nhost.auth.logout();

Getting Started

Latest Release

  nhost_sdk: ^3.0.0

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