nhentai_data_model_prefixed library

Prefixed data model library. It contains data models for API objects, such as NHentaiBooks, NHentaiTags, NHentaiImages, NHentaiSearch response bodies and so on.

But it missing TagsListExtension, as the extensions are not supported for typedefs.


NHentaiBook = Book
Book alias.
NHentaiBookImages = BookImages
BookImages alias.
NHentaiBookTitle = BookTitle
BookTitle alias.
NhentaiComment = Comment
Comment alias
NHentaiCover = Cover
Cover alias.
NHentaiCoverThumbnail = CoverThumbnail
CoverThumbnail alias.
NHentaiImage = Image
Image alias.
NHentaiImageThumbnail = ImageThumbnail
ImageThumbnail alias.
NHentaiImageType = ImageType
ImageType alias.
NHentaiSearch = Search
Search alias.
NHentaiSearchResult = SearchResult
SearchResult alias.
NHentaiSearchSort = SearchSort
SearchSort alias.
NHentaiTag = Tag
Tag alias.
NHentaiTagType = TagType
TagType alias.
NHentaiUser = User
User alias