A Nextcloud client for dart


  • Creating directories, removing directories and files
  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Directory listing
  • Get a user's full name and the groups the user belongs to
  • Move and copy files and folders
  • Create shares, update them and delete them. All share types supported (except federate cloud sharing)
  • Search for users to share a file or folder with (sharees)
  • Create chats with other users, message them and received messages (Talk)
  • Search for users to create a chat with
  • Get the avatar image of a user



You can create a Docker development instance of Nextcloud using ./scripts/
It already has everything that is necessary installed.
The username is admin and the password is password.


The testing should also be done using the Docker development instance of Nextcloud.

Then run the tests using ./scripts/
If you only want to run a subset of tests, pass the file names of the tests like this:
./scripts/ test/webdav_test.dart test/talk_test.dart