A Nextcloud client for dart


  • Creating directories, removing directories and files
  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Directory listing
  • Get a user's full name and the groups the user belongs to
  • Move and copy files and folders
  • Create shares, update them and delete them. All share types supported (except federate cloud sharing)
  • Search for users to share a file or folder with (sharees)
  • Create chats with other users, message them and received messages (Talk)
  • Search for users to create a chat with
  • Get the avatar image of a user



To get started you need a running Nextcloud test instance with the Talk app enabled.

Then configure and run the tests:

  • Copy config.example.json to config.json
  • Configure details in config.json
    • host: host of the Nextcloud instance
    • username: user for tests
    • password: user's password
    • shareUser: user to share test file with
    • testDir: full webdav path to directory for tests, writeable by the user
    • image: relatuve path to test image based on user's root
  • Run tests with pub run test or your IDE