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Note Original repository:

The problem with the original repository is that it will no longer be maintained by the creator, for this reason this repository was created in order to maintain updated code and make respective improvements as long as it is required.

New Version Plus Plugin 🎉

A Flutter plugin that makes it possible to:

  • Check if a user has the most recent version of your app installed.
  • Show the user an alert with a link to the appropriate app store page.

See more at the Dart Packages page.



Add new_version_plus as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

  new_version_plus: ^0.0.9


In main.dart (or wherever your app is initialized), create an instance of NewVersionPlus.

final newVersionPlus = NewVersionPlus();

The plugin will automatically use your Flutter package identifier to check the app store. If your app has a different identifier in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you can overwrite this by providing values for androidId and/or iOSId.

For iOS: If your app is only available outside the U.S. App Store, you will need to set iOSAppStoreCountry to the two-letter country code of the store you want to search. See for a list of ISO Country Codes.

You can then use the plugin in two ways.


Calling showAlertIfNecessary with your app's BuildContext will check if the app can be updated, and will automatically display a platform-specific alert that the user can use to go to the app store.

newVersionPlus.showAlertIfNecessary(context: context);

Advanced 😎

If you want to create a custom alert or use the app version information differently, call getVersionStatus. This will return a Future<VersionStatus> with information about the local and app store versions of the app.

final status = await newVersionPlus.getVersionStatus();
status.canUpdate // (true)
status.localVersion // (1.2.1)
status.storeVersion // (1.2.3)
status.appStoreLink // (

If you want to present a customized dialog, you can pass your VersionStatus to showUpdateDialog().

  context: context,
  versionStatus: status,
  dialogTitle: 'Custom dialog title',
  dialogText: 'Custom dialog text',
  updateButtonText: 'Custom update button text',
  dismissButtonText: 'Custom dismiss button text',
  dismissAction: () => functionToRunAfterDialogDismissed(),

The option was added so that in the android app you can modify the code of your country, with the variable: androidPlayStoreCountry