New Version Plugin 🎉

A Flutter plugin that makes it possible to:

  • Check if a user has the most recent version of your app installed.
  • Show the user an alert with a link to the appropriate app store page.

See more at the Dart Packages page.



Add new_version as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

  new_version: ^0.0.5


In main.dart (or wherever your app is initialized), create an instance of NewVersion using your current build context. final newVersion = NewVersion(context).

The plugin will automatically use your Flutter package identifier to check the app store. If your app has a differnet identifier in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you can overwrite this by providing values for androidId and/or iOSId.

You can use then use the plugin in two ways.


Calling showAlertIfNecessary will check if the app can be updated, and will automatically dispaly a platform-specific alert that the user can use to go to the app store.


Advanced 😎

If you want to create a custom alert or use the app version information differently, call getVersionStatus. This will return a VersionStatus Future with information about the local and app store versions of the app.

final status = await newVersion.getVersionStatus();
status.canUpdate // (true)
status.localVersion // (1.2.1)
status.storeVersion // (1.2.3)
status.appStoreLink // (