This project is in the Alpha stage. All API's might change without warning and no guarantees are given about stability. Do not use it in production.


Dart code generator that generates RealmObject classes based on Realm data model classes using naming conventions.

This package is part of the official Realm Flutter and Realm Dart SDKs


  • Add a dependency to realm package or realm_dart package to your application.

To generate RealmObjects

  • Run dart run realm generate for Flutter projects

  • Run dart run realm_dart generate for Dart projects


  • Every Dart class annotated with @RealmModel() and named with an underscore like _ClassName, is considered a Realm data model class and the code generator will generate a RealmObject class that can be used with Realm Flutterâ„¢ and Realm Dartâ„¢.

  • The Dart file containg Realm schema classes needs to have a part defintion name in the format

    part "filename.g.dart".

    For example: In file cars.dart there should be a part definition part "cars.g.dart"

  • The underscore in the class name is requried. class _Car.

  • Every field that references another RealmObject must use the schema class name of that RealmObject. For example:

    class _Car {
      late _Car secondCar;
  • The generator will infer the Realm type from the Dart type of every property of the class.


Filename: cars.dart

part "cars.g.dart"

class _Car {
  late String make; //required field
  late String? model; //optional field
  String kilometers = 500; //default value
  late _Car? secondCar; //Object relationship 1:1
  final List<_Car> allOtherCars; //Object relationship 1:Many


  • Use the Debug Generator Tests launch config in VS Code. The launch config also has an arg for filtering specifc tests.
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