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Notifies your app whenever your device's network connection status changes. It exposes a callback for you to handle those changes.



// ...
import 'package:network_handler/network_handler.dart';
import 'package:network_handler/network_status.dart';

class SomeWidget extends StatefulWidget {
    _SomeWidgetState createState() => _SomeWidgetState();

class _SomeWidgetState extends State<SomeWidget> {
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return NetworkHandler(
            onChanged: (NetworkStatus status) {
                // Handle network status changes here
                if (status == NetworkStatus.connected) {
                    // ...

                } else if (status == NetworkStatus.disconnected) {
                    // ...

                } else {
                    // ...
            child: WrappedWidget()

How does it work?

Once NetworkHandler is added to your widget tree, it pings a host ( by default) every x milliseconds (2000 by default) and determines whether the connection was successful.

This process is executed on a separate event loop, using an Isolate. No external libraries were used, only native Dart/Flutter modules.

Known issues and limitations

  • This package assumes that the host will always be online.
  • Cannot pause/resume network status checks.
  • A refreshTimer parameter can be provided to NetworkHandler, however it is currently being ignored.
  • NetworkHandler does not discern between different types of network connection, e.g. Wi-Fi and mobile data. This behaviour is intentional for simplicity. I suggest looking into connectivity for this purpose.