This was originally built by Bolaji Ayodeji so all rights goes to him, I only interpreted the javascript code to Dart

Getting started

Add the dependency to your pubspec.yaml

    nettyfinder: <latest-version>


// Import the package
import 'package:nettyfinder/nettyfinder.dart';  
void main() {

    // This is a callable class
    // Just instantiate the class with the number
  var netFinder = NetworkTypeDetect("+2347012345678");

  // Return null if number is valid but not recognized else throw a descriptive exception
  print('Network Type: ${netFinder() ?? 'Not a recognized number'}');


For now, I dont accept contributions except its from the javascript netty_finder, so I suggest you contribute there. Any changes from there will be added to the Dart version


The package aims at providing the network type of number in strings based on provided number. Supported formats are: +2347012345678 amd 07012345678