NEAR Flutter API

NEAR Flutter API is here to empower mobile developers to build flutter apps that connect and send transactions to the NEAR PROTOCOL Blockchain.

Currently Implemented Features

  • Genererate Keys
  • Connect Wallet With Limited or Full Access Keys
  • Send NEAR Tokens
  • Call Smart Contract methods

Sample Usage

Generate Keys

var keyPair = KeyStore.newKeyPair();

Connect Wallet

Account account = Account(accountId: accountId, keyPair: keyPair, provider: NEARTestNetRPCProvider());
var wallet = Wallet(walletURL);
wallet.connect(contractId, appTitle, signInSuccessUrl, signInFailureUrl , account.publicKey);

Send Tokens (Full Access Key)

await account.sendTokens(nearAmount, receiver);

Call Smart Contract Methods (without deposit)

Contract contract = Contract(contractId, account);
var result = await contract.callFunction(method, args);

Call Smart Contract Methods (with deposit)

var result = await contract.callFunctionWithDeposit(method, args, wallet, nearAmount, successUrl, failureUrl, approvalURL);

Call Smart Contract Methods (with deposit) using a Full Access Key

Calls with a full access key will not invoke wallets.

var result = await contract.callFunction(method, args, nearAmount);