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This package helps you daily usable function with ease. Just add nb_utils with its latest version and that's it you are ready to use.


API Docs are available.


add this line to pubspec.yaml

     nb_utils: <latest_version>

import package

    import 'package:nb_utils/nb_utils.dart';


    // Open a new screen

    // Remove all screens from back stack and opens new screen
    launchNewScreenWithNewTask(context, 'tag');

    // Back to previous screen

    // Get Color from hex string
    Color color = getColorFromHex('#FFFFF');
    // Hide soft keyboard
    // Padding All, Apply TextStyle
      children: <Widget>[
         Text(item.title.validate(), style: boldTextStyle()),
    // Check given String is not null
    // validate() function verifies weather given String is null or not. if null then it returns blank String
    // validate() function prevents null object
    // Apply Bold TextStyle
    Text(item.title.validate(), style: boldTextStyle())
    // Apply Primary TextStyle
    Text(item.title.validate(), style: primaryTextStyle())
    // Apply Secondary TextStyle
    Text(item.title.validate(), style: secondaryTextStyle())
    // Rounded Image, height: 250).cornerRadiusWithClipRRect(20)
    // Show a Widget (for ex here Circular Progress Bar) only if data is loading or doing some background task
    Center(child: CircularProgressIndicator()).visible(mIsLoading) 
    * mIsLoading is bool variable.
    // Center Widget
    // Apply Default Shadow to a Container Widget
      height: 100,
      color: Colors.white,
    // Apply Rounded Corner Radius to a Container Widget
      height: 100,
      color: Colors.white,
    // Click on ANY Widget
      height: 100,
    ).onTap(() {
      // Handle Click

    // Check Email Validation
    if(!emailController.text.validateEmail()) { 
      // Handle Email not valid
    // Check Phone Number Validation
    if(!phoneController.text.validatePhone()) {
      // Handle Phone Number not valid
    // Capitalize First Letter
    'this is simple string'.capitalizeFirstLetter();

Bonus ( Android Studio (Eclipse Keymap) Most Needed Shortcuts)

  1. ALT + INSERT -> To Create a new File -> Open Project Window on Left Sidebar and press ALT + INSERT key to where you want to create new file. (After opening a window you can also search by typing keyword)

  2. CTRL + H -> To find something anywhere in project

  3. Scroll from source -> Locate a file in project (GIF)

  1. SHIFT + ALT + R -> Rename any variable or file name everywhere you used the same

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