A Flutter widget to play videos on iOS and Android using a native implementation.

Android iOS
Support 16+ 9.0+



Loading a video

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return NativeVideoPlayerView(
    onViewReady: (controller) async {
      final videoSource = await VideoSource.init(
        path: 'path/to/file',
        type: VideoSourceType,
      await controller.loadVideoSource(videoSource);

Listen to events

controller.onPlaybackReady.addListener(() {
  // Emitted when the video loaded successfully and it's ready to play.
  // At this point, videoInfo is available.
  final videoInfo = controller.videoInfo;
  final videoWidth = videoInfo.width;
  final videoHeight = videoInfo.height;
  final videoDuration = videoInfo.duration;
controller.onPlaybackStatusChanged.addListener(() {
  final playbackStatus = controller.playbackInfo.status;
  // playbackStatus can be playing, paused, or stopped. 
controller.onPlaybackPositionChanged.addListener(() {
  final playbackPosition = controller.playbackInfo.position;
controller.onPlaybackEnded.addListener(() {
  // Emitted when the video has finished playing.


controller.onPlaybackReady.addListener(() {;

Playback loop

controller.onPlaybackEnded.addListener(() {;

Advanced usage

See the example app for a complete usage example.

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Created by @albemala (Twitter)