This package exposes a portable interface for low-level thread synchronization primitives like Mutex and ConditionVariable.

It also provides some slightly more high-level synchronization primitives like Mailbox built on top of low-level primitives.

Status: experimental

NOTE: This package is currently experimental and published under the labs.dart.dev pub publisher in order to solicit feedback.

For packages in the labs.dart.dev publisher we generally plan to either graduate the package into a supported publisher (dart.dev, tools.dart.dev) after a period of feedback and iteration, or discontinue the package. These packages have a much higher expected rate of API and breaking changes.

Your feedback is valuable and will help us evolve this package. For general feedback, suggestions, and comments, please file an issue in the bug tracker.


This library contains native synchronization primitives such as Mutex and ConditionVariable implemented on top of low-level primitives provided by the OS.