This plugin aims to be a simple one that implements taking screenshot natively to capture scenes like camera preview or AR views. This cannot be done easily in plain Flutter, at least I cannot make it work using RenderRepaintBoundary and similar techniques.

The main difference with another packages is that they shows a share dialog. This plugin saves the image and returns the path to it. On Android also launch an updating request (internally) to reload the media library.



native_screenshot: ^<latest_version>

to your pubspec.yaml file.


You must add

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

to your AndroidManifest.xml inside android/src/main/ directory.

Also you need to add a property to application tag to fix an issue with permissions writing to EXTERNAL_STORAGE:



If don't add

<string>Take pretty screenshots and save it to the PhotoLibrary.</string>

to your info.plist file inside ios/Runner directory, the application will crash.


Import the library:

import 'package:native_screenshot_ext/native_screenshot_ext.dart';

and take a screenshot:

String path = await NativeScreenshot.takeScreenshot()

In error case the function returns null and the screenshot path if success.


This is based on screenshot_share_image and capture_and_share packages. Thanks to @toonztudio for pointing me out replying in Github.