Provides a font registry and resolver on the native side (both Android and iOS) so that native code can resolve and use Flutter fonts.

Automatically attempts to load all fonts from the Flutter font asset manifest, and stores them in a singleton instance so that they can be accessed.

This is currently used by the following plugins:

  • native_tab_bar
  • accessible_text_view

Installation / Setup

  1. Add as a dependency to your plugin's or project's pubspec.yaml.
  2. Important! Add to your plugin_name.podspec (plugin), or Podfile (app project).

Plugin plugin_name.podspec do |s|
    s.dependency 'Flutter'
    s.dependency 'native_flutter_fonts' # <-- add here

App Podfile -- Do not add if your app already uses a plugin that depends on the native_flutter_fonts pod!

target 'Runner' do
    pod 'native_flutter_fonts' # <-- add here

Android Usage


import com.dra11y.flutter.native_flutter_fonts.FlutterFontRegistry
/// If "MaterialIcons" does not exist in the manifest, returns `null`.
val iconTypeface: Typeface? = FlutterFontRegistry.resolveOrNull("MaterialIcons")

/// If "My Font Family" does not exist in the manifest, returns the default Android typeface
/// for the given weight and italic style.
val myTextTypeface: Typeface = FlutterFontRegistry.resolve("My Font Family", weight = 600, isItalic = false)

iOS Usage

In your Swift file:

import native_flutter_fonts

let textFont: UIFont? = FlutterFontRegistry.resolve(family: 'Roboto', size: 14, weight: 400)

let fallbackFont: UIFont = FlutterFontRegistry.resolveOrSystemDefault(family: 'My Font', size: 14, weight: 400)

The resolve and resolveOrSystemDefault functions expect font weights in Flutter FontWeight units. These range from 100 (thin) to 400 (normal) to 900 (extra bold), in increments of 100.

However, iOS font weights (CGFloat) range from -1.0 (thin) to 0.0 (normal) to +1.0 (extra bold).

To convert between the two, we provide two convenience functions:

FlutterFontRegistry.flutterWeightFromAppleWeight(_ weight: CGFloat) -> Int

FlutterFontRegistry.appleWeightFromFlutterWeight(_ weight: Int) -> CGFloat