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Nami is on a mission to help you grow your app IAPs and subscription app revenue. Go beyond basic store payments integration and focus on results with:

  • Library of smart paywall templates to choose from, implemented as native iOS and Android UI
  • Paywall CMS so you can make change instantly, without submitting an app update
  • Experimentation engine to run paywall A/B tests so you can improve your conversion rates
  • Built-in IAP & subscription management and analytics, so you don't need another solution

Nami is simple adopt while giving you the tools you need to improve revenue. Our free tier is generous, and gives you everything you need to get started. Sign up for a free account

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Getting the Nami for Flutter


Our Flutter package is available here on

Project Structure

  • sdk folder contains the flutter plugin along with a basic example app

Next Steps

Once the SDK is initialized, you're ready to show a paywall. See the complete guide to Flutter setup to find out how.

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