Nakama Flutter Client 🤩 🎮 🌍 🛰

Nakama is an open-source scalable game server. This is a Flutter client for Nakama written in pure dart and supports cross platform gaming on iOS, Android, Web and more.

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🚦 Current Status

Almost all basic functions which are necessary to start playing around with Nakama are ready to use. Please feel free to give your feedback with creating an issue. I am currently working on getting a 100 % coverage with this SDK.

🚀 Getting Started

1. Setup Nakama Server

You need a Nakama instance for developing. I suggest setting up Nakama with Docker Compose. You find a tutorial here: Install Nakama with Docker Compose and here Installation & Setup.

2. Add flutter_nakama to pubspec.yaml.

name: your_game
        sdk: flutter
    flutter_nakama: ^0.1.0

3. Create nakama base client

final client = getNakamaClient(
  host: '',
  ssl: false,
  serverKey: 'defaultkey',
  grpcPort: 7349, // optional
  httpPort: 7350, // optional

4. Use the SDK

For example start with logging into an user account:

final session = await getNakamaClient().authenticateEmail(
    email: '',
    password: 'mySecurePassword!',

print('Hey, you are logged in! UserID: ${session.userId}');


Flutter SDK Docs:

Nakama Docs: