Welcome to Myst

please check out the packages directory to see the available dart package in myst cli package.

sample web


  • screenshot1

    • ./screenshots/screenshot1.png
  • screenshot2

    • ./screenshots/screenshot2.png
  • screenshot3

    • ./screenshots/screenshot3.png
  • lib directory

    • ./screenshots/lib.png
  • asset directory

    • ./screenshots/asset.png
  • test directory

    • ./screenshots/test.png
  • integration_test directory

    • ./screenshots/integration_test.png

please make sure you have dart installed your marchine correctly

Getting start

dart pub global activate myst

Or Use this package as a library Run this command:

With Dart:

dart pub add myst

With Flutter:

flutter pub add myst

Available commands

commands alias description
myst init i ✔ generate a structure of flutter application
myst repair r ✔ re-organized export into its sub libraies
myst model m ✔ create a file in lib/models and test/models
myst controller c ✔ create a file in lib/controllers and test/controllers
myst provider p ❌ create a file in lib/providers and test/providers
myst extension x ✔ create a file in lib/extensions and test/extensions
myst layout l ✔ create a file in lib/layouts and test/layouts
myst service s ✔ create a file in lib/services and test/services
myst util u ✔ create a file in lib/utilities and test/utilities
myst widget w ✔ create a file in lib/widgets and test/widgets
myst screen sc ✔ create a file in lib/screens and test/screens
myst interface a ✔ create a file in lib/interfaces and test/interfaces


arguments alias description
--help -h show the usage information
--name -n set the new file name (optional) or instead first argument is required
--dir -d the directory name (optional)
--template -t the template name (optional)


If you have any idea please let me know, I will consider for contributing