• A simple multiselect dropdown which has Select All and Search options.
  • You can use a simple list or a list of maps.


MultiSelect Dropdown demo

  • Use MultiSelectDropdown for list of maps.
  • Use MultiSelectDropdown.simpleList for a simple list.

Getting started

  • Add the package in your flutter project.
  • Import the package import 'package:multiselect_dropdown_flutter/multiselect_dropdown_flutter.dart';.


class MultiSelectExample extends StatelessWidget {
  const MultiSelectExample({super.key});

  final List myList2 = const ['Dog', 'Cat', 'Mouse', 'Rabbit'];

  final List myList = const [
    {'id': 'dog', 'label': 'Dog'},
    {'id': 'cat', 'label': 'Cat'},
    {'id': 'mouse', 'label': 'Mouse'},
    {'id': 'rabbit', 'label': 'Rabbit'},

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: Column(
        children: [
            list: myList,
            initiallySelected: const [],
            onChange: (newList) {
              // your logic
          const SizedBox(height: 50),
            list: myList2,
            initiallySelected: const [],
            onChange: (newList) {
              // your logic
            includeSearch: true,
            includeSelectAll: true,


Parameter Name Description
list List of options to select from
label label key in a Map to show as an option. Defaults to 'label'
id id key in a Map to identify an item. Defaults to 'id'
onChange onChange callback, passes new list as argument
numberOfItemsLabelToShow Number of items to show as text, beyond that it will show n selected
initiallySelected Initially selected list
boxDecoration Decoration for anchor element
isLarge Dropdown size
width Anchor and modal width
whenEmpty Text to show when nothing is selected
includeSelectAll Includes a select all button when true
includeSearch Includes a search option when true
textStyle TextStyle? for the text on anchor element
duration Duration? for debounce in search option. Defaults to 300 milliseconds.
checkboxFillColor checkbox fill color
splashColor splash color on list tile
listTextStyle text style for text on list tile

I will keep adding more functionalities.
You can raise an issue/feature request on github.
Please leave a like if you find this package useful.