androidOnRenderProcessUnresponsive property

(Future<WebViewRenderProcessAction?> Function(InAppWebViewController controller, Uri? url)?) androidOnRenderProcessUnresponsive

Event called when the renderer currently associated with the WebView becomes unresponsive as a result of a long running blocking task such as the execution of JavaScript.

If a WebView fails to process an input event, or successfully navigate to a new URL within a reasonable time frame, the renderer is considered to be unresponsive, and this callback will be called.

This callback will continue to be called at regular intervals as long as the renderer remains unresponsive. If the renderer becomes responsive again, androidOnRenderProcessResponsive will be called once, and this method will not subsequently be called unless another period of unresponsiveness is detected.

The minimum interval between successive calls to androidOnRenderProcessUnresponsive is 5 seconds.

No action is taken by WebView as a result of this method call. Applications may choose to terminate the associated renderer via the object that is passed to this callback, if in multiprocess mode, however this must be accompanied by correctly handling androidOnRenderProcessGone for this WebView, and all other WebViews associated with the same renderer. Failure to do so will result in application termination.

NOTE: available only on Android 29+.

Official Android API:,%20android.webkit.WebViewRenderProcess)


final Future<WebViewRenderProcessAction?> Function(
        InAppWebViewController controller, Uri? url)?