MRZ Scanner

A package that allows you to Scan any kind of documents that have any mrz format

supported formats

  • T1 (Official Travel Documents )
  • T2 (Official Travel Documents )
  • T3 ( Machine Readable Passports )
  • MRVA ( Machine Readable Visas document )
  • MRVB ( Machine Readable Visas document )

If you have any feature that you want to see in this package, please feel free to issue a suggestion. 🎉

Note : to use this package you need real device not an emulator

A Flutter Package for iOS and Android.

Android iOS
Support SDK 21+ iOS 10+*

Before using the package you need to add permission for camera

For Android


<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />

to AndroidManifest.xml

For iOS

    <string>Allow Camera to scan MRZ</string>

to Info.plist

Import the package and use it in your Flutter App.

import 'package:mrz_scanner/mrz_scanner.dart';

Simple usage of the package , see a full code in example project here

        onSuccess: (mrzResult) {

video sample


Great thanks to


mrz_scanner is released under a MIT License. See LICENSE for details.