connect method

  1. @override
Future<MqttClientConnectionStatus> connect (
  1. [String username,
  2. String password]

Performs a connect to the message broker with an optional username and password for the purposes of authentication. If a username and password are supplied these will override any previously set in a supplied connection message so if you supply your own connection message and use the authenticateAs method to set these parameters do not set them again here.


Future<MqttClientConnectionStatus> connect(
    [String username, String password]) async {
  instantiationCorrect = true;
  clientEventBus = events.EventBus();
  connectionHandler = SynchronousMqttServerConnectionHandler(
    maxConnectionAttempts: maxConnectionAttempts,
  if (useWebSocket) { = false;
    connectionHandler.useWebSocket = true;
    connectionHandler.useAlternateWebSocketImplementation =
    if (websocketProtocolString != null) {
      connectionHandler.websocketProtocols = websocketProtocolString;
  if (secure) { = true;
    connectionHandler.useWebSocket = false;
    connectionHandler.useAlternateWebSocketImplementation = false;
    connectionHandler.securityContext = securityContext;
    connectionHandler.onBadCertificate = onBadCertificate;
  return await super.connect(username, password);