Moyasar Flutter Plugin

:rocket: Installation

This plugin is available on Pub:

Add this to dependencies in your app's pubspec.yaml

moyasar_payment : latest_version

:iphone: IOS version

:warning: Make sure that the IOS version is set to 12.2 in your app's ios/PodFile

diff --git a/ios/PodFile b/ios/PodFile
-	 # platform :ios, '11' 
+	 platform :ios, '12.2' 

:bookmark: Usage

Import moyasar_payment.dart

import 'package:moyasar_payment/moyasar_payment.dart';

Import paymodel.dart

import 'package:moyasar_payment/model/paymodel.dart';

Integrate Apple Pay

Import applepaymodel.dart

import 'package:moyasar_payment/model/source/applepaymodel.dart';
var items = <String,double>{
              'Item 1': 20.0,
              'Item 2' : 80.0
PayModel res = await MoyasarPayment().applePay(
    amount: 100.0, 
    publishableKey: 'publishable_key', 
    applepayMerchantId: 'applepay_merchant_id', 
    paymentItems: items, 
    currencyCode: 'SAR', 
    countryCode: 'SA',
    description: 'description');

if (res.type != null) { // User Cancelled The Payment
    } else {
        ApplePayModel applePayModel = ApplePayModel.fromJson(res.source);

Integrate Credit Card

Import creditcardmodel.dart

import 'package:moyasar_payment/model/source/creditcardmodel.dart';
PayModel res = await MoyasarPayment().creditCard(
    description :'description', 
    amount: 100.0, 
    publishableKey: 'publishable_key', 
    cardHolderName: 'cardHolderName', 
    cardNumber: 'cardNumber', 
    cvv: 123, 
    expiryManth: 12, 
    expiryYear: 2025 or 25, 
    callbackUrl: '');

CreditcardModel creditcardModel = CreditcardModel.fromJson(res.source);

Integrate STC Pay

Import stcpaymodel.dart

import 'package:moyasar_payment/model/source/stcpaymodel.dart';
PayModel res = await MoyasarPayment().stcPay(
    amount: 100.0, 
    phoneNumber: 'phoneNumber', 
    publishableKey: 'publishable_key',
    description: 'description');

STCPayModel stcPayModel = STCPayModel.fromJson(res.source);

STC Pay OTP Verification
var resdata = await MoyasarPayment().StcPayOtp(
    otpValue: 'otp Value',
    transactionUrl: 'transaction_url';

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