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The Official Implementation of the Sonr Motor Node in Flutter. This package provides methods for Authentication, Data Management, and Wallet interactions for the Sonr Network.

Quick Start


Here's how to install the motor_flutter package in your Flutter project:


Using the Flutter CLI

flutter pub add motor_flutter


  motor_flutter: ^0.9.2

Update your ios/Podfile:

platform :ios, '13.0' # At the top of the file
use_frameworks! # Then **remove or comment out**


We have full usage examples available in the motor_flutter docs site. Each method on the MotorFlutter class has a full example and usage guide for its functionality.


To run storybook, run flutter on storybook directory like so:

$ cd storybook
$ flutter run -d <your_device_id>

Running tests

To run tests simply run this command:

$ flutter test

This repository uses golden tests, so whenever a widget structure is changed the tests will fail, if you actually want the changes to take place you can update the golden files with this command:

$ flutter test --update-goldens


To generate coverage reports first install lcov:


sudo apt-get update -qq -y
sudo apt-get install lcov -y


brew install lcov

Use this command to generate coverage:

$ ./scripts/

If you don't have permission to execute the script run this command and try again:

$ chmod 777 scripts/
$ ./scripts/

Now you can check coverage by opening coverage/html/index.html

$ open coverage/html/index.html


This library is still under active core team development. We welcome contributions from the community, but for the time being we would ask that you create an issue before submitting a pull request.


Our code is licensed under the GPLv3 license.


Motor Flutter