MOST Schema Parser

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Highly customizable JSON Schema object model mapper.


  • Create JsonSchema object;
  • Convert JsonSchema into MostJsonSchema;
  • Use it!

For more information on the usage, please, check example/.


MostJsonSchemaParser is designed to convert JSON Schema into MostJsonSchema. It has a customMappers parameter which is allowing to customize property-to-most-object mapping.

MostJsonSchema contains the original JsonSchema object for the reference and a list of most properties MostProperty.

MostProperty have the following implementations:

  • MostObjectProperty
  • MostValueProperty, which is inherited in:
    • BooleanMostProperty
    • StringMostProperty
    • EnumMostProperty
    • NumberMostProperty
    • ArrayMostProperty

MostProperty is open for extension if special property needs to be implemented.