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A dart package which provides a lot of helpers functions for easy development.


  1. Add this to your packages pubspec.yaml file:
  more_functions: <^last-version>
  1. Install it You could run pub get:
$ dart pub get
  1. Import it Now in Dart code, you can use:
import 'package:more_functions/more_functions.dart';


List of Helpers type:

  1. String


  1. Case
    1. Case Assertions
    2. Upper Case
    3. Lower Case
  2. Char
    1. Char Assertions
    2. Char Getters
    3. Char Position
    4. Char Transformation
  3. Word
    1. Word Getters
    2. Word Position
    3. Word Transformation
  4. Generic Utils
    1. Counters
    2. Symbol
      1. Add Symbol
      2. Remove Symbol
      3. Assertion Symbol
    3. Whitespace
      1. Add Whitespace
      2. Remove Whitespace
      3. Assertion Whitespace


Case Assertions

//entire string
print('Dart is awesome!'.isUpperCase); // false
print('Dart is awesome!'.isLowerCase); // false

print('Dart is awesome!'.firstCharIsUpperCase); // true
print('Dart is awesome!'firstCharIsLowerCase); // false
print('Dart is awesome!'.lastCharIsUpperCase); // false
print('Dart is awesome!'.lastCharIsLowerCase); // true
print('Dart is awesome!'.charAtIsUpperCase(1)); // ['a'] false
print('Dart is awesome!'.charAtIsLowerCase(1)); // ['a'] true

print('Dart is awesome!'.firstWordIsUpperCase); // false
print('Dart is awesome!'firstWordIsLowerCase); // false
print('Dart is awesome!'.lastWordIsUpperCase); // false
print('Dart is awesome!'.lastWordIsLowerCase); // true
print('Dart is awesome!'.wordAtIsUpperCase(1)); // ['is'] false
print('Dart is awesome!'.wordAtIsLowerCase(1)); // ['is'] true

Upper Case

print('dart'.firstCharToUpperCase()); // 'Dart'
print('dart'.firstCharToLowerCase()); // 'darT'
print('upper camel case'.toUpperCamelCase()); // 'Upper Camel Case'
print('upper underscore case'.toUpperSnakeCase()); // 'UPPER_UNDERSCORE_CASE'
print('upper kebab case'.toUpperKebabCase()); // 'UPPER-KEBAB-CASE'

Lower Case

print('DART'.firstCharToLowerCase()); // 'dART'
print('DART'.firstCharToLowerCase()); // 'DARt'
print('LOWER CAMEL CASE'.toLowerCamelCase()); // 'lower Camel Case'
print('LOWER SNAKE CASE'.toLowerSnakeCase()); // 'lower_underscore_case'
print('LOWER KEBAB CASE'.toLowerKebabCase()); // 'lower-kebab-case'


Char Assertions

print('Dart is awesome!'.hasChars); // true 
print('Dart is awesome!'.hasOnlyChars); // false  
print('Dart is awesome!'.hasOnlyUpperChars); // false   
print('Dart is awesome!'.hasOnlyLowerChars); // false

Char Getters

print('dart'.firstChar); // returns 'd'
print('dart'.lastChar); // returns 't'
print('dart'.charAt(1)); // returns 'a'

Char Position

print('dart'.lastCharIndex); // returns 3
print('dart'.indexOfChar('a')); // returns 1

Char Transformation

print('dart'.toChars()); // returns ['d','a','r','t']


Word Getters

print('Dart is awesome!'.firstWord); // 'Dart' 
print('Dart is awesome!'.lastWord); // 'awesome!'  
print('Dart is awesome!'.wordAt(1)); // 'is'   

Word Position

print('Dart is awesome!'.indexOfWord('Dart')); // returns 0 

Word Transformation

print('Dart is awesome!'.toWords()); // ['Dart','is','awesome!'] 

Generic Utils


print('Dart is awesome!'.countChar()); // 16
print('Dart is awesome!'.countWord()); // 3


Add Symbol

Not implemented yet.

Remove Symbol
print('Dart Is Awesome!'.removeAllSymbols); // 'Dart Is Awesome'
Assertion Symbol
print('Dart is awesome!'.hasSymbols); // true
print('Dart is awesome!'.hasOnlySymbols); // false


Add Whitespace

Not implemented yet.

Remove Whitespace
print('Dart Is Awesome!'.removeAllWhitespaces); // 'DartIsAwesome!'
Assertion Whitespace
print('Dart is awesome!'.hasWhitespaces); // true
print('Dart is awesome!'.hasOnlyWhitespaces); // false

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