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A package that allows the user to select a month and a year on a calendar, without the need to specify a specific day. It returns a Dialog that allows the user to select one or more months.


  • Selection of one or several months on a calendar;
  • Multi-selection of months, allowing the selection of months from different years;
  • Customizable to meet specific needs of different projects;


How to use

Add the following line to pubspec.yaml:

  month_selector: ^1.0.2

To use the Month Selector, import the month_selector/month_selector.dart package and add the MonthSelector widget to your code. Make sure to check out example for more details.


                context: context,
                builder: (context) {
                  return MonthSelector(
                    callback: (res) {
                      if (res != null && res != []) {
                        setState(() {
                          month = res[0];

Parameters list

These are the main parameters to be configured:

callback: defines a function to be called when the user selects one or more dates.

selectedDate: defines the dates that will be selected when the calendar is opened.

firstDate: defines the earliest selectable date.

lastDate: defines the latest selectable date.

multiSelection: allows the selection of multiple dates

months: defines the month strings displayed on the calendar.


Darice Sousa