Moises REST API client for Dart
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In order to use the API, you need to have an API key. You can get one here and once you have it, you can use it in the client passing the key itself in the Moises constructor.

// Create a new client
final Moises moises = Moises('Your API key');


The example below is for fetching the MoisesApplicationModel. You can find other examples inside the example/main.dart file.

// Get Application Result
Future<void> getApplication() async {
  try {
    final Moises moises = Moises('Your API key');
    final MoisesApplicationModel value = await moises.application.get();
    print('Application : $value');
  } on MoisesException catch (error) {
    print('Error : $error');

This client uses JSON serializers by json_serializable. Run pub run build_runner watch to continuously rebuild serializers in the background when files are updated.

The full API documentation is available in here.


If you want to contribute to moises, please make sure to review the contribution guidelines. This project makes use of GitHub issues for tracking requests and bugs.