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This package provides common interfaces for your models: WithId<I>, WithTitle, WithChildren<C>, etc. and their combinations like WithIdTitle<I>.

You can make some models in your package implement these interfaces. It allows you to make abstract widgets, controllers and any other logic that can show and work on any of these models.

The benefits are:

  • Less code duplication for lists, dropdowns, chips, etc., because you no longer need a widget per class.
  • Naming control. If you implement these, no class will stray from your rules, e.g. by using name instead of title.

Many programmers use their own parent classes like these per project. This package allows you to:

  • Reduce the work to start a project.
  • Copy models between your projects as they are sure to follow the same interfaces.

See the full list of interfaces here

If you need an extra combination, you can mix the interfaces yourself in your project. Or consider making a PR.

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