flutter icapps generator

A dart package to automaticly generate new code when creating a new screen. This package should be used in combination with the icapps template

pub package

This repo contains an example how to use this package.

Packages used:

  • provider
  • kiwi
  • icapps_generator


Add dependency to pubspec

pub package

  icapps_generator: <latest-version>

Run package with Flutter

flutter packages pub run icapps_generator your_screen_name

Run package with Dart

pub run icapps_generator your_screen_name


Code will be generated:

  • Screen
  • ViewModel
  • Add @Register.factory to the injector file
  • Add code to make sure you can navigate to your new screen in the MainNavigatorWidget
  • Generate the dependecy tree

Working on mac?

add this to you .bash_profile

 flutter packages pub run icapps_generator $1

now you can use the icapps generator with a single command.

fluttergenerator your_screen_name