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Generate random data using Dart


API provides generation of:

  • Integers in any range of numbers
  • Strings with various characters and length
  • Colors represented with needed color space
  • Dates between different moments in time
  • Names such as John or Mary
  • UUIDv4 and Timestamp-first UUIDs
  • URLs with many fragments
  • IPv4 and IPv6


A simple usage example:

import 'package:mock_data/mock_data.dart';

main() {

  mockName();           // Generate male or female first name. 
  mockName('male');     // Generate male first name. 
  mockName('female');   // Generate female first name. 

  mockInteger(1, 6);    // Generate integer in range from 1 do 6.

  mockString(16);       // Generate string of length 16.
  mockIPv4();           // Generate IPv4 represented with 
                        // format(default is '*.*.*.*') as String. 
  mockIPv6();           // Generate IPv6, same usage as with IPv4.

  mockColor('hex');     // Generate color represented in hex format.
  mockColor('rgb');     // Generate color represented in RGB format.
  mockUUID();           // Generate UUIDv4

These are some basic examples. There are many more methods and they all support tweeking of parameters to suit you in generating random data. By reading examples you can learn more about functionality and usage of mock_data





Generate random data using Dart.