reaction<T> function

ReactionDisposer reaction <T>(
  1. T fn(
    1. Reaction
  2. void effect(
    1. T
  3. {String name,
  4. int delay,
  5. bool fireImmediately,
  6. EqualityComparator<T> equals,
  7. ReactiveContext context,
  8. void onError(
    1. Object,
    2. Reaction

Executes the fn function and tracks the observables used in it. Returns a function to dispose the reaction.

The fn is supposed to return a value of type T. When it changes, the effect function is executed.

Note: Only the fn function is tracked and not the effect.

You can also pass in an optional name, a debouncing delay in milliseconds. Use fireImmediately if you want to invoke the effect immediately without waiting for the fn to change its value. It is possible to define a custom equals function to override the default comparison for the value returned by fn, to have fined grained control over when the reactions should run.


ReactionDisposer reaction<T>(T Function(Reaction) fn, void Function(T) effect,
        {String name,
        int delay,
        bool fireImmediately,
        EqualityComparator<T> equals,
        ReactiveContext context,
        void Function(Object, Reaction) onError}) =>
    createReaction(context ?? mainContext, fn, effect,
        name: name,
        delay: delay,
        equals: equals,
        fireImmediately: fireImmediately,
        onError: onError);