MobPay - A Flutter library for integrating card and mobile payments through Interswitch

Focus on running your business and spend less time reconciling payments. Quickteller Business unifies payments from different channels (Card, Mobile Money and through pesalink) all in one payments platform that grows with you. With Quickteller Business, you’ll never worry about payments again.

Supported Features

Pay with Mobile money

  • Mpesa
  • T-Kash

Pay with Card

  • Verve
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Pay with Bank


Merchant Details

You will have to create an instance of the Merchant class with the following details:

  • Merchant Id
  • Domain Id
Merchant merchant = Merchant("ISWKEN0001", "ISWKE");

Payment Details

Create an instance of the Payment class with the following items:

  • Amount

    The amount would be sent to us in the double currency format. i.e you will have to multiply the amount by 100. An example is if the value of an apple fruit is 99.90 (Ninety nine Shillings and ninety cents) you will have to send it to us as 9990
  • Order Id

    Merchant's orderId for the payment item, similar to receipt number, duplicates allowed.
  • Transaction Reference

    A unique identifier of the transaction on the merchant's side – maximum 15 characters, duplicates will be rejected.
  • Payment Item

  • Currency Code

    The ISO currency code e.g. KES
  • Narration

Payment payment = Payment( 100,
"Buying food Items");

Customer Details

  • id

    The customer's id from the merchant's point of view e.g. email, phone, or database/registration id.
  • First Name

    Customer's first name
  • Second Name

    Customer's second name
  • Email

    Customer's email
  • Mobile

    Customer's mobile
  • City

    Customer's city
  • Country

    Customer's country
  • Postal Code

    Customer's postal code
  • Street

    Customer's street
  • State

    Customer's state
Customer customer =  Customer(

Extra Configuration

In order to change a few elements in the UI we have an object for that (Config) The items that we allow extra configuration for are:

  • Logo on the top left

In order to change the logo on the top left

  • Create a instance of the config class
  • Pass the logo url (HTTPS) as the parameter

Below is an example

Config config =  Config(



Mobpay Instance

Create a mobpay instance and pass the merchant details and also whether you are on live or not

Mobpay mobpay =  new  Mobpay(merchant, false);

Transaction Success And Failure Callbacks

For both success and failure you will have to pass the functions and example is as below:

Transaction Success or Failure Example:

void  transactionFailureCallback(payload) {
		final snackBar =  SnackBar(
		content:  Text(payload.toString()),
		action:  SnackBarAction(
		label:  'Undo',
		onPressed: () {
		// Some code to undo the change.
		// Find the ScaffoldMessenger in the widget tree
		// and use it to show a SnackBar.


To pay call the pay function as follows:

payment: payment,

customer: customer,





config: config);

Source code

Visit the Github repository to get the source code and releases of this project if you want to try a manual integration process that does not make use of gradle.

Frequently Asked Questions