Note: It works for Android only because getting mobile number is not supported in IOS.

Mobile Picker uses Google Auth Api to access credentail api and then retrieve the phone number hint picker from there.

Steps to integrate

  • Create object of Mobile Number Picker Class.
MobileNumberPicker mobileNumber = MobileNumberPicker();

  • Call mobileNumber function to initiate the Auth Api.
  • Listen to getMobileNumberStream to fetch events.
mobileNumber.getMobileNumberStream.listen((event) {});

MobileNumber Class

Members of mobilenumber class -

  • String completeNumber - Return complete mobile number including the country code , eg: +919999999999.

  • String phoneNumber - Return mobile number after reducing the country code , eg: 9999999999.

  • String countryCode - Return country code from the selected phone number , eg: +91.

  • enum state - Whether the mobile number is selected or not.

Type of state

  • PhoneNumberSelected - when user selects one of the number from the hint picker.

  • NoneOfTheAbove - when user selects None Of The Above option or dismisses the picker.