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Mobikul Loader

A quick way to show a loader with message.


A simple and effective widget that shows circular progress indicator along with a message, on the current screen itself.

You can customize the message, font color, font size and the color of the circular progress indicator.

Getting started

Add the latest version of package to your pubspec.yaml (and rundart pub get):

  mobikul_loader_package: ^0.0.3


import 'package:mobikul_loader_package/mobikul_loader_package.dart';

After importing the above line in your code, you can use the loader just like you use any other widget.

Usage - 1 --> Showing only Circular Progress indicator in a dialog


Usage - 2 --> Showing Circular Progress indicator with a message

MobikulLoader( message : " Your text message goes here")

Usage - 3 --> Customized Loader with message

MobikulLoader( message : " Your text message goes here", loaderColor: , fontColor:, fontSize: 24)