misc library Null safety


DateFormatter Used to format date and time


backgroundGradient({required int primaryLinearGradientColor, required int primaryColor}) LinearGradient
bottomSheet({required BuildContext context, required BottomSheetBuilder builder}) → void
checkInactivityTime(String? inActivitySetInTime, String? expiresAt) UserInactivityStatus
check inactivity time if inactivity period is less than an half an hour --- just resume if inactivity time is greater than 1 and less than 12 hours --- require pin if inactivity period is greater than 12 hours --- require login inActivitySetInTime represents the last time the user was active in the app. when user logs in or creates an account, this value is set to the current timestamp. It's is then update every often when the app moves back to the foreground.
convertDateToString({required DateTime date, required String format}) String
convertStringToDate({required String dateTimeString, required String format}) DateTime
convertStringToDate converts a valid date time string to a DateTime object
customRoundedPinBoxDecoration(Color borderColor, Color pinBoxColor, {double borderWidth = 1.0, double? radius}) BoxDecoration
dismissSnackBar(String text, Color color, BuildContext context) SnackBarAction
Dismiss snackbar
extractNamesInitials({required String name}) String
extractNamesInitials => Extracts name initials from a name
formatCurrency(dynamic amount) String
formatCurrency formats the amount passed in, into a human readable amount
formatPhoneNumber({required String countryCode, required String phoneNumber}) String
genericFetchFunction({required StreamController streamController, required BuildContext context, required String queryString, required Map<String, dynamic> variables, required String logTitle, String? logDescription}) Future
Generic Fetch Function a generic fetch function for fetching all the problems, allergies medications, tests and diagnoses for the current patient in an episode
getCoverValidityPeriod(String validTo) String
getCoverValidityPeriod gets the validity period of a cover
getDeviceType(BuildContext context) DeviceScreensType
getGreetingMessage(String? firstName, {int? currentHour}) String
getGreetingMessage gets the current time of day and determines which type of greetings to show to the user
getIdType({required String idType, required bool userString}) String
Get ID Type gets the selected ID type
getUploadId({required Map<String, dynamic> fileData, required BuildContext context}) Future<String>
Get Upload ID get ID of uploaded file
getValidityDate(String validTo) String
getValidityDateformats the validity date into a human readable format
launchWhatsApp({required String phone, required String message, required Future<bool> launch}) Future<String?>
Launch WhatsApp Function that launches WhatsApp
localPath({Future<Directory> fetchApplicationDirectory() = getApplicationDocumentsDirectory}) Future<String>
parseAuthTypes(List<String> authenticationTypes) String
returns the list of auth types by removing the last comma
parseError(Map<String, dynamic>? body) String?
removeUnderscores(String sentence) String
removeUnderscores removes underscores from a sentence
showErrorSnackbar(BuildContext ctx, [String? msg, Color color = Colors.red]) → void
snackbar({required dynamic content, int durationSeconds = 10, String? label, Function? callback}) SnackBar
titleCase(String sentence) String
titleCase returns a title cased sentence
trimWhitespace(String param) String
trim white space Removes white spaces in between a string, at the beginning and at the end
uploadMutationVariable(Map<String, dynamic> payload) Map<String, dynamic>
validateEmail(String email) bool
validateEmail validates an email against a regex
validateKenyanNumber(String phone) bool
validateKenyanNumber checks if a number is either has either prefix of '+254111', '+254110', '+254100', '+2540101', '+254102' or '+2547xx'
validatePhoneNumber(String phone) bool
validatePhoneNumber checks if a number is either a Kenyan , American, UK or Belgium phone number