addMagicNumber method

void addMagicNumber (
  1. List<int> bytes,
  2. String mimeType,
  3. {List<int> mask}

Add a new magic-number mapping to the MimeTypeResolver.

If mask is present,the mask is used to only perform matching on selective bits. The mask must have the same length as bytes.


void addMagicNumber(List<int> bytes, String mimeType, {List<int> mask}) {
  if (mask != null && bytes.length != mask.length) {
    throw ArgumentError('Bytes and mask are of different lengths');
  if (bytes.length > _magicNumbersMaxLength) {
    _magicNumbersMaxLength = bytes.length;
  _magicNumbers.add(MagicNumber(mimeType, bytes, mask: mask));