get100kID static method Null safety

String get100kID(
  1. double easting,
  2. double northing,
  3. int zoneNumber

Get the two letter 100k designator for a given UTM easting, northing and zone number value. @private @param {number} easting @param {number} northing @param {number} zoneNumber @return {string} the two letter 100k designator for the given UTM location.


static String get100kID(double easting, double northing, int zoneNumber) {
  var setParm = get100kSetForZone(zoneNumber);
  var setColumn = (easting / 100000).floor();
  var setRow = (northing / 100000).floor() % 20;
  return getLetter100kID(setColumn, setRow, setParm);