pub package

This plugin adds support for communication between Flutter applications on Tizen platform.


First, import the package in Dart file.

import 'package:messageport_tizen/messageport_tizen.dart';

Create local port

Use LocalPort.create() method to create a local port.

String portName = 'servicePort';
LocalPort localPort = await LocalPort.create(portName);

To register callback to be called when message arrives to the local port, use LocalPort.register() method.

void onMessage(Object message, [RemotePort remotePort]) {
  // Handle the received message.

Use LocalPort.unregister() to unregister port when it is no longer needed.


Connect to remote port

To connect to already registered port in remote application, use RemotePort.connect() method.

String portName = 'servicePort';
String remoteAppId = '';
RemotePort remotePort = await RemotePort.connect(remoteAppId, portName);

Send message

To send message to remote applcation, use RemotePort.send() method.

final message = {'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3};
await remotePort.send(message);

Send message with local port

To send message with local port information, use RemotePort.send() method. Local port received by remote application can be used to send a response.

final message = 'This is a string message';
await remotePort.sendWithLocalPort(message, localPort);

Supported data types

This plugin uses Flutter's StandardMessageCodec to encode transferred data into binary. The data can contain any value or collection type supported by Flutter's standard method codec.

  • null
  • bool
  • int, double
  • String
  • Uint8List, Int32List, Int64List, Float64List
  • Lists and Maps of the above

To learn more about the Tizen Message Port API, visit Tizen Docs: Message Port.